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February 5 Newsletter

Our Feb 5 newsletter can be found here. A sneak peak for what can be found in the newsletter: + We’ve got some great events coming up like our pie and cocktail happy hour, vegetarian farm to table supper club,

Creative Plating Ideas for Your Next Dinner Party

With the rise in popularity of people artistically expressing themselves as amateur chefs with dinner plates and bowls as their canvas, a dinner party is ripe with elaborately plated meals. You might think that with all of this creativity at

1/29/16 Newsletter

Our newsletter from Friday, January 29 can be found here. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find: The skinny on our Winter Supper Club, which will happen at 61 Local on February 12. Sign up details in the newsletter! Interview

Meet Your Gluten Free Baker: Sans Bakery

Like a lot of good things in life, it starts with a box of freshly baked goods. I sat down a few days ago with Erica founder and head baker at Sans Bakery, to sample some gluten free treats for

January 22 Newsletter

Lost the newsletter? Read it here!  Here’s some highlights from this week:  Illustration of how to fold wonton wrappers…and a blog post about how to make dumpling soup!  Calling for contributors on our forthcoming coloring book Spotlight on

How to Fold Wonton Dumplings

During the first week of our winter CSA, a friend suggested to our group of friends, that instead of going out, we make dumpling soup. The idea was promising for a cold Saturday night, but I had never wrapped dumplings

Building your NYC Cheeseboard

By Serena Tang, Local Roots NYC cheese sage Cheese is popular. Cheese is fun. Cheese is delicious. But if you don’t live in Europe and don’t work with cheese, you’re probably daunted by the amount, variety, and hoity-toityness of the

Cooking Playlist: The Most Roast

The Most Roast from LocalRootsNYC on 8tracks Radio. Listen up, boogie down. Here’s some music to listen to as you saute some organic vegetables, drizzle some oil on your salad, roast some locally raised meats and create some new favorite dishes with your

What are Jerusalem Artichokes?

Here in NYC, there’s a glorious bounty of knobby and wild-looking root vegetables to choose from all winter long. Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes) are one of our favorites. These small, little nuggets are the roots of a species

January 15, 2016: Weekly Newsletter

Do you know why eating local honey is better for you? | Spotlight on Jerusalem Artichokes The link above takes you to week’s newsletter, which covers… The benefits of local and raw honey (in celebration of our honey, propolis, and pollen