From Soil to City

NYC Honey Week: How to Build a Hive’s Super + Learn to Be a Sustainable Bee Keeper

Local Roots NYC presents a special NYC HONEY WEEK interactive workshop; participants will build a hive’s supers and Local Roots CSA Beekeeper Andy Kurosz from Sweet Things Wild Thyme and Honey will discuss techniques he uses to be a sustainable

Eggs: my kitchen saviors

By Jacqui Cotton, LRNYC intern We all have those nights when we’re standing in front of the refrigerator feeling hopelessly out of dinner ideas. You might be tired, running low on ingredients, or just in a cooking rut and in

5 ways to get your kids to eat local

We all know how crucial it is for kids to get the vitamins and minerals essential to growing muscles and bones. That’s one reason why you joined our nutrient-dense, organic CSA in the first place! Nutrients in fresh, local produce

Meet Your Farmer: Chaseholm Creamery Burger Night

Join us on August 15th for Chaseholm Creamery’s burger night! Chaseholm is one of our cheese providers based in Pine Plains, NY. Their monthly burger nights involve milking demonstrations, calf feedings, and of course delicious burgers. Yes, there are veggie

Farmer Update: Taproot Farm

Farm: Taproot Farm, PA Serving: Vegetables to Crown Heights, AppNexus, Buzzfeed, R/GA, and Home Deliveries At Taproot Farm, we pull the harvest out of the field in totes, 1 and 3/4 bushels, 1 and 5/8 bushels. The baskets teem with

Ronnybrook Dairy Milkshake Social + Movie Screening

Ronnybrook Farm is a 3rd generation family dairy farm in upstate NY that has been practicing beyond organic farming methods long before the word “organic” became a household name. Unlike most commercial dairy farms, Ronnybrook doesn’t use any pesticides in

Demistifying Garlic Scapes

You may have been surprised to see something that resembles a green, vegetative pig’s tail in your CSA share this summer. Further investigation may have revealed that this garlic-smelling alien vegetable is actually a garlic scape. But what exactly is

Cold Brew: Made by YOU!

Cold brew has taken the coffee-drinking world by storm, and caffeine lovers are shelling out even more than the typical New York premium for iced coffee. We get it—it’s delicious, and the perfect summer treat! It’s smooth, sweet, and has

Show me the Honey

Honey is one of nature’s most scrumptious sweeteners, but do you know just how sweet it is? Bee boxes at farmer Andy’s Sweet Things Wild Thyme & Honey in Warwick, NY. This is the source of our honey share! 1)

Health Spotlight on Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale and collards have been making headlines for their role in preventing cancer and improving heart health.  Did you know that getting a daily dose of theses veggies may also boost your mood, slow the