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Local Roots NYC connects you with sustainable, all-natural food straight from local farms through community-based markets. We also host cooking clubs, farm trips, and other cool events to bring people together.


Summer Market Season

June - August

Wild Alaskan Salmon Orders Due

June 26, 2017

Start of Fall Farm Share Season

August 29, 2017

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Your Bread Connection To Claus Meyer

June 26, 2017

Local Roots NYC is incredibly honored to offer our Farm Share members bread from Meyers Bageri, an artisanal bakery rooted in old world techniques, with a strong focus on organic and locally grown heirloom grains. We are avid fans of Meyers Bageri and founder Claus Meyer’s dedication to localized food systems, high quality ingredients, and innovative culinary philosophies. Meyer is the cofounder of Noma which has redefined Nordic cuisine and was named The World’s Best Restaurant. Meyer believes that “top chefs and basically all sorts of people have to reconnect with the land. We have to cook in a way that makes sense here and now…If we don’t, then the farmers will be at the hands of Monsanto and big fast-food chains.”

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