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Summer BBQ

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

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Farm Visit to Rogowski Farm: Recap

July 25, 2014

Almost 20 of us came out to Rogowski Farm last weekend to see first-hand where our vegetables grow! Farmer Cheryl explained to us how the Black Dirt Region where her farm sits was once the bottom of a glacial lake. The resulting soil there is, astonishingly, 90% organic matter (compared to most agricultural soil, which is around 6%). After a quick Q&A about her farming practices, we played with the chickens, helped harvest shell peas (in last week’s CSA!), had lunch on the farm, extracted some honey from Andy’s hives, and took a dip in the nearby lake. We returned to Brooklyn sun-soaked and a lot more knowledgable about where our food comes from.

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