From Soil to City

What Does Farm to Table Really Mean?

You can read all the Michael Pollan books and watch sexy shots of cooking on tv, but purchasing within a local food system turns “farm to table” from a terminology into experiential education.

What do we mean by that? By purchasing through a CSA or farmers market, you’re able to meet your farmers either in person or, in this modern day of technology, via social media. We frequently post photos on our instagram so you can follow what’s happening on the farm such as seed purchases, building up green houses, and happy cows. Things as simple as seeing the color of the dirt brings you closer to your food as a real, living plant that was nurtured as opposed to simply a commodity.

As you eat along with the seasons, you are able to familiarize yourself with what produce grows when. You’ll start questioning how grocery stores are able to have peppers all year round and the affects on its flavor and nutrients. Maybe you’ll even notice how the flavors and sizes of produce change in the CSA as the season goes on.

All the produce that comes down to the city has already been washed on the farm, but sometimes cute bugs come along for the trip to remind us of the ecosystem our food comes from.

Farm to table is beyond a catchy phrase. It’s seeing a photo of your swiss chard in the dirt then picking it up at one of our CSAs or a local farmers market the next day. It also means being able to go to the farms to see where your food comes from on one of our farm visits or spending the afternoon with your farmer in the city at a Local Roots NYC event like our upcoming Good Festival mini food conference.

Experience Farm to Table through our Summer CSA. Orders due in May.

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