From Soil to City


This winter marks the debut of our beauty share, which features travel-sized soaps, lotions, and salves made by local artisans, many of whom we’re friends with through the CSA! We think it’s pretty cool to support not only producers of food, but also artisans who work with natural, local ingredients, like Amara Essentials, who use all-natural and organic herbs and oils.

Read on to find out what inspired Ashley Spierer to launch her all-natural beauty line:

LRNYC: Why did you start your business?
Ashley Spierer: I started Amara Essentials about a year ago while I was living in India. I wanted to create simple natural skincare products as a vehicle to increase customer awareness and understanding of the ingredients in common skincare regimes. “I hoped Amara Essentials could be an accessible, affordable and friendly introduction to “going natural.” This upcoming year my goal is to partner with women’s shelters to teach entrepreneurship and provide job training. I want my company to be a vehicle for empowerment and bettering the world.”

LRNYC: How does NYC motivate you?
AS: New York is filled with passion, creativity, and resilience. I love meeting new people and hearing how they are making their dreams come to life despite the obstacles in front of them. It inspires me to keep following my heart with each step on my path.

LRNYC: Why is it important to eat local?
AS: I like knowing where my food comes from and that it’s in season (it tastes better that way!). It’s important to support local farmers producing amazing products in natural, environmentally-friendly ways.

LRNYC: What makes your company and product different?
AS: There are other, great natural skincare products on the market. My goal is to create a brand that is affordable, friendly and to empower customers to question and understand what is in their products.

You can try out Amara Essentials cleansing oils in our beauty share this winter, along with several other locally-made soaps and scrubs. Head here, to our Join Our CSA page, to find out more. 

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