From Soil to City

We’re looking forward to our Good Fest Conference workshop The Interplay of Food, our Digestion and How We Eat in Living a Healthy Life, which will take a look at balance and taste variety from an ancient and modern perspective, and connect how a strong gut microbiome and mindful eating all play an important part in our health. Food plays an integral part of our life and in NY, plant based foods can be hard to find when you’re going out to eat. THANK GOODNESS for our friends and media sponsor GreenHopping!

Green Hopping is a health and wellness hub that aims to inspire healthy food choices by connecting you to the nearest plant-based (whether they’d be vegan or vegetarian), organic, gluten-free eateries and juice bars, as well as health food stores. Their app can help you find a green friendly establishment so you aren’t spending hours on your phone, trying to filter through menupages to find a healthy option when you’re not at home cooking your Local Roots produce. Maybe this is just a personal struggle, but we spend on average 30 minutes each time trying to find a good plant friendly restaurant option, so we’re relieved that we can use the Green Hopping app!