From Soil to City

Farmer Update: Taproot Farm

Farm: Taproot Farm, PA
Serving: Vegetables to Crown Heights, AppNexus, Buzzfeed, R/GA, and Home Deliveries

At Taproot Farm, we pull the harvest out of the field in totes, 1 and 3/4 bushels, 1 and 5/8 bushels. The baskets teem with dark cucumbers, the weight rested on the backs of shoulders as they’re carried across dewy grass. The pick-up truck climbs the hill that is muddy one hour and dry the next. From this earth where we watched the wind carve snow and the plows turn earthworms towards the sky; from where clouds touched down black watery fingers, and where we’ve seen the first shadows of countless dawns, we are bringing out the harvest we’ve dreamed, sown and tended. It is hours doubled over, boots soaked, fresh herbs, wild cherries in the treeline, mud crusted hands; a balance between the serious demands of arduous farm work and the levity of picking among the tomato vines; a beautiful morning with friends.

In July we sow the seeds of broccoli and cauliflower. Beds are prepped for fall carrots and beets in the hours after the work day is done, when the sky teeters on the edges of rain and darkness. July beckons the vegetable farmer to hone in on the promises of fall, the true harvest season, when the weeding and sowing and plowing is all finished for the season. Just as it is with all of us, everyday, the work we do now matters. Our determination today is the groundwork for tomorrow’s purpose, the abundance of fall, bringing in the harvest having weathered the season through.