From Soil to City

Everybody Eats

Growing: Gluten Free
Location: Brooklyn, NY

How does food nourish your company? Does Everybody Eats have a mission statement?
We specialize in high-quality, artisanal baked goods for those who follow the gluten-free lifestyle and wish to savor the same well-loved food combinations and the same tastes and textures as everyone else enjoys. Everything is made by hand.

What sparked the interest in gluten free bread? Why the name choice “Everybody Eats”?
I was diagnosed a celiac when I was 26. Having been malnourished all my life, I was now unable to eat the same delicious foods as everybody else. When the situation in my country (Venezuela) became too difficult, I saw it as an opportunity to start a new life here in the US. After meeting my business partner, Bruce, we came up with a few recipes that were unmatched in the gluten free community. It was really a bread that everybody could eat, hence the name.

What’s something unique about your bread-making process?
Our breads are not sandy or gritty with no aftertaste like many products from our competitors.
As for the process of our bread making….it’s a trade secret.

How many different types of breads do you produce? How do you decide on which breads to make?
We have 21 products on our menu. Most are the common breads you find elsewhere (crusty baguette, bagels, white bread, multigrain). Others were born out of necessity. Many of our products are made especially for restaurants which we supply to. Some are just holiday specials that were a hit.

What type of work culture do you nourish at Everybody Eats? How does being a family-owned company set you apart from other bakeries?
We strive to keep quality high over producing large amounts. We like honesty and respect in this facility. We treat our customers with dignity and expect the same in return.

Twitter: @everybodyeatsny
Instagram: everybodyeatsnyc