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Cooking Storyline Week 9 Winter

Looking for ways to make an entire meal with your Local Roots NYC weekly produce? We asked a chef what he would make with 1 week’s worth of Local Roots veggies and here’s what he would cook!

Contents used from Week 9 of our Winter Season
Carrots, arugula, japanese sweet potatoes, rutabaga, apples

Storyboard: Submitted by Wesley Chen
Rutabaga+Sweet potato soup, glazed carrots+apple “Ratatouille”, and use the arugula for a salad

“I thought that a soup dish that also serves as a starch, a salad, and a dessert would be a good full menu. The carrots used in the soup or the sweet potato are also being used in the ratatouille.”

They should be prepared in this order.
#1. The ratatouille can be prepared first. Ingredients can be cut into circular shapes and the trimmings can be saved. Carrots can be cooked a la blanc and allowed to cool, than stacked with the apples in a circular formation in a circular mold/pan/skillet. It can then sit in the oven and let rest after it’s finished. (you could also bake it into a pie with some dough)

#2. The starch soup’s vegetables can be sautéed than brought to a simmer with a vegetable stock (the stock can be made with excess trimmings from the ratatouille, takes about 30 mins-an hour).

#3. The salad is self explanatory, can use apple trimmings, left over bread which can be made into croutons. The salad can also be served along side a meat dish.