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Sustainable Cooking with Sparkle Kitchen

Last night’s Sustainable Cooking with Sparkle Kitchen, the third installment in Local Roots’ cooking club series, was a hit! Not only did we wind up with a tasty meal, Sparkle Kitchen’s Brittany also showed us how to make the most

Pickle Party: Pickling Seasonal Vegetables

Over here at Local Roots NYC, we had a great time this Monday at our pickling party with Brooklyn Brine. As we gathered for an evening of fermentation basics, Brooklyn Brine owner Shamus Jones talked a bit about his background,

An Evening In The Kitchen – Cooking Club 2: Thanksgiving Feast

On a quiet fall evening, a wonderful group of food lovers gathered together for the second Local Roots NYC Cooking Club. With Thanksgiving in sight, a few favorite Thanksgiving recipes were unearthed and ingredients were gathered from Local Roots NYC

Pickling Party with Brooklyn Brine!

Our relatives of the past would preserve produce in order to get through the colder months, when fresh produce was scarce as many of the fields would lay dormant in the frost.  In a celebration of our history and local food,

Thanksgiving Cooking Club

With a consistent chill in the air and the chatter of upcoming Thanksgiving plans, we have been swapping Thanksgiving recipes and dreaming of comforting fall foods here at Local Roots NYC. In preparation for one of our favorite, food-filled holidays,

Local Roots Thanksgiving Pop-Up!

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, expressing feelings of gratitude, and gathering around delicious food with those you love. As we take time to reflect on everything we are so grateful for, some of our strongest feelings of appreciation are

Farm Trip to Taproot, Primordia, and Wild Fox

Good farmers, who take seriously their duties as stewards of Creation and of their land’s inheritors, contribute to the welfare of society in more ways than society usually acknowledges, or even knows. These farmers produce valuable goods, of course; but


The staff at Local Roots NYC wanted to start a cooking club to gather together a group of home chefs and enjoy the experience of cooking and enjoying a meal together. We feel that learning new techniques and dishes is


As the weather changes and fresh fall goodies begin to show up in our CSA, we can’t help but itch to get out of the city and visit a few of our farmers. You’re invited to visit three different farms in Pennsylvania


Join us for a night of cooking and enjoying a farm to table dinner! Local Roots is more than just a CSA, it’s a food family. As fellow home chefs, we are always seeking out inspiration for new ways to