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Food Stripped Naked With Matt Tortora

Matt Tortora served for 10 years in the U.S Navy as a nuclear missile technician and in 2014, he founded a food systems technology and consulting company called What’s Good. This online platform connects institutions like schools and hospitals to

Food Stripped Naked Podcast With Chef Jeffrey Held

Jeffrey Held has spent time with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group as opening chef at Blue Smoke and now plays an integral part in our healthcare system as a culinary expert at NYULangone Medical Center. Find out more about the

Does Farm Fresh Mean Anything?

Nowadays, you see the words “Farm-Fresh” everywhere and it’s hard to know what it actually means beyond marketing hype. Unfortunately, that term along with “natural”doesn’t have real guidelines. It makes us sad that a food system which connects eaters directly with trustworthy,

Say Hi to the Local Roots Farm Share

From our founder, Wen-Jay: Local Roots NYC is 6 years old – that’s sort of like being a young adult in business years. We’re exploring who we are, embracing our uniqueness, and are growing into ourselves. Which is why we’re ready for

Early Bird Prizes

Early bird gets the worm, and that worm takes the form of fun prizes!! If you place your order for our Local Roots markets by May 1, here are fun things to look forward to – Share prices might increase.

NY1’s New Yorker of the Week

Our founder Wen-Jay Ying has been named NY1’s New Yorker of the Week, a dream of hers for 11 years – ever since she has lived in NYC. Thank you for all your love and support, and to our amazing

Food Stripped Naked Paleyo Bakery

In this episode of Food Stripped Naked, we interview Paleyo Bakery who makes mouth watering plantain waffles that are gluten free and paleo friendly. Their founder is also an urban farmer, youth educator, mom, hilarious, etc. We talk about intermittent

Soil to City Newsletter: Local Roots NYC Turns Six!

LOCAL ROOTS TURNS SIX! Our founder Wen-Jay makes parsnip unicorns with Marco Canora, owner of Hearth and Brodo and Chef Jeffrey Held, manager of our NYU account and representative of Union Square Hospitality Group Earlier this week was the 6

Food Stripped Naked Trends on Trends

Meet Trends on Trends, an agency that creates content and experiences around breakfast and morning rituals. Her Breakfast Club is a global event series connecting culinary and design innovators family-style meals and breakfast sandwich pop-ups, both prepared by a chef

Cooking Storyline Week 9 Winter

Looking for ways to make an entire meal with your Local Roots NYC weekly produce? We asked a chef what he would make with 1 week’s worth of Local Roots veggies and here’s what he would cook! Contents used from Week