From Soil to City

Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon have the highest Omega 3 oil content out of the five Pacific salmon species, which make this fish an essential healthy food to fight heart disease. Its beautiful color is due to its diet, consuming only microorganisms, particularly, a kind of plankton bountiful in North Pacific waters

Caught by hand for you in a small, 20 foot long boat, our Wild Alaskan Salmon share brings you the highest quality, sustainably caught salmon outside of Alaska. We bring you so close to the source you can you feel the salty ocean air. Iliamna Fish Co,  a third generational family-owned cooperative, are a “best choice” by Environmental Defense Fund and a Monterey Bay Aquarium recommended. The share will consist of 6 to 7 individually vacuum-sealed and flash frozen, hand-cut whole fillets. Each fillet weighs approximately 1.85 lbs and serves six adults. This 12 lb share fits easily into a standard refrigerator or freezer, with room to spare.

You don’t have to be a member of the Local Roots CSA to order our Wild Alaskan package! Availability is limited – place an order on our website  by June 18th.
Use “fishfordays” to avoid the $5 late fee implemented for our summer share.

Wild Sockeye Salmon