From Soil to City


Schedule is as follows:
9:45am registration
10:15am Welcome from the organizer
10:30am Keynote
11-1pm Workshops
1pm Lunch / Skillshare
2-4pm Workshops

Farm to Hearth:  Local Herbs are the Heart of Wellbeing
With Farmer Shephali Patel, 11am
Explore the many ways in which medicinal and culinary herbs inject vibrant life and wisdom into our daily lives. We’ll discuss why locally and naturally grown herbs are so important for deep health, ways you can work with herbs to enrich your experience of the world, and how to strengthen your relationship with these amazing plants and the farmers that grow them. Feel free to bring plants and/or stories that have resonated with you!

Following The Growth of a Peach Tree
With Nic Ellis, 11am
Orchard production is a full-time, long-term commitment.  Peach trees are definitely “ultimate” perennials and will produce for decades if managed properly.  But, what is “proper” peach orchard management?  Is it a mindset or a methodology?  Or what?  Join us for an informative and entertaining look at how progressive peach growers can keep things sustainable in the orchard.

Soil and Somatic Experience: Building Trust and Intuitive Management Skills
With Farmer Zach Wolf, 12:05pm
Soil is our source of life and health.  How does our own state of mind and body influence the way we think about, feel and relate to soil?  In what ways do soils influence food quality and even our own internal ecology?  During this workshop we will spend time focusing on methodologies that help us understand, build relationship to and manage our soils.  We will talk about standard soil testing and fertility management, while also will exploring alternative ways of knowing, sensing and building intuitive capacity. This workshop is not just for farmers and we welcome all to learn more about the way soil connects with our bodies.

Sustainable Cooking Techniques: Cooking from stem to leaf in a timely way
With Chef Nicole, 12:05pm
Cooking in NYC can be challenging with our busy schedules and vast take out options but you can learn cooking techniques that will help you prepare creative dishes with seasonal items in a timely way. These sustainable cooking tips will also show you ways to use all parts of a vegetable so you have limited waste and you get the most out of your food dollar.

Building A Branded Community on Instagram: Enhancing Food’s Natural Beauty
Sarah Phillips, @Food, @UglyProduceIsBeautiful, 1:50pm
Build a food community through instagram: learn tips on taking the best photos and ways to present your food to build a strong and lasting community through your social media.

Soil to City: How Can We Create Deeper Connections Between Eaters in the City With Their Food and Farmers
One of the most rewarding parts of eating local is being connected with your food and farmers. What are ways we can we have deeper relationships with our food system when time is such a rare commodity now a days? In this workshop, we will brainstorm ways as a group – from eaters to growers – how we can stay better connected so we can build the local food system that we want.

Soul to City: Vignettes into a Farmer’s Life
Facilitated by Etsy.Org, 3pm
With Bloominghill Farm, Commonhands Farm, Farmer Shephali

We’re familiar with the term “farm to table”, but what does that journey look like? Join this informal panel of local farmers as they discuss their day to day operations on the farm and the relationship their body and heart have with the work they do and the soil they tend to. This workshop will be primarily discussion based.

Skill Share: Caring For Your Worm Bin
With City Growers Director of Education Courtney Epton , 1pm
City Growers will guide you through set up, maintenance, and harvest of an indoor vermi-compost bin. Learn how to reduce your waste and remind yourself how it feels to be young and curious while learning about red-wiggler worms. This hands-on workshop will be as much fun as it is with young learners, and full of all the necessary content to get you started with your indoor composting.

Skill Share: Perfecting Pie Crust
With Local Roots CSA Member Alice Griffiths, 1pm
Alice and her family will share their recipes and tips for making the perfect pie crust at home: from kneading dough to rolling it out. She will focus on a strawberry rhubarb pie to prepare us for the strawberry harvest season that’s just around the corner!

About City Growers
City Growers uses urban agriculture to teach kids about where their food comes from, and why it matters. A 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization based in New York City, our hands-on educational programs include rooftop farm workshops, after-school programs, high school internships, in-school winter workshops, and school garden workshops. We aim to close a fundamental gap in the experience of urban children by creating opportunities to meaningfully interact with the natural world and reconnect with food’s origin from the earth.

About Farmer Zach Wolf
Zach Wolf will be growing baby greens for the Local Roots CSA this year and co-manages Farm at the Locusts on Hudson, which is a small diversified farm tending to vegetables, greens, culinary herbs, pigs, cattle and laying hens. Farm at the Locusts on Hudson grows food for the Standard Hotel restaurants. Zach’s interesting farming began while hanging out with high school friends on a family grass-fed beef farm and developed while studying Forest Ecology. He is the former Director of the farmer training program at Stone Barns.

About Bloominghill Farm
Guy Jones started farming in the Hudson Valley in the early eighties, not long after he gave up his storefront law office in Albany, New York. In the beginning, Blooming Hill sold vegetables at farmers’ markets locally and in New York City at the Union Square Greenmarket. Today they’re still known for their unaltered, eclectic and broad produce offerings – Bloominghill Farm grows and forages over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables on a hundred acres in Orange County, NY, and are proud to sell to some of the finest restaurants in New York City such a Babbo, Egg, ICI, and Saraghina as well as for the Local Roots CSA. Guy’s son, Travis Jones, will be joining us for Vignette’s Into a Farmer’s Life.

About Commonhands Farm
Common Hands Farm is a regenerative agriculture based farm using the techniques of Permaculture and Biodynamics to bring about long term resilience through their farming of the land, build healthy soils, and feed themselves and their greater community. This means they pay attention to the farm as a whole as well as the ecology of their surroundings.Located in Philmont, NY, Common Hands Farm is 140 acres of prime soil, pasture, ponds and woods and is in their 6th year of production. They believe food is medicine and one’s primary form of healthcare and they find deep connections to their bodies and health through the farm work they do.  Common Hands Farm will be growing organic vegetables for our Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens CSA pick up locations.

About Sarah Phillips
@food @uglyproduceisbeautiful
Sarah Phillips has been a innovative force in the food business for 30 years. She is the author of The Healthy Oven Baking Book (Doubleday, 1999 and Baking 9-1-1 (Simon and Schuster, 2003). She considers as her third and online cookbook established in 2000, has over 1,000 unique recipes and pages upon pages of original content. Sarah Phillips was one of the first to use Instagram for her business in 2012, grabbing the handle @food, later adding @UglyProduceIsBeautiful in January, 2106, for her media campaign. Sarah is sought by major food brands and lifestyle designers to help create, food style, and photograph media projects for social media and advertising. She was dubbed by the New York Times as the matriarch of the “First Family of Instagram” in January, 2105. AdWeek named Sarah @food Instagram as one of the top ten foodies to have grown the strongest engagement on Instagram, in July, 2015. It now has almost 500k followers. Her @UglyProduceIsBEautiful Instagram account currently has over 5500 followers. Sarah Phillips was one of ten photography winners for the National Geographic “Make Art, Not Food Waste: Ten #UglyFoodIsBeautiful Winners’, chosen on March 11, 2016. There were more than 2,000 entires.

About Chef Nicole Craft
A native of Oklahoma City, Nicole Craft began her career and passion for cooking when she started working in cafes in her hometown. In her early twenties, she moved to Spain where she worked in a restaurant that specifically used local products from la boqueria in Barcelona, this is when she began to appreciate utilizing local markets. Recently, she started working with Local Roots CSA as head chef at a Tribeca restaurant and has the ability to apply her creativity and experience to build unique dishes based off of the seasonal fare from local farmers.

Nicole has been the chef of the Hideaway TriBeCa and most recently the Hideaway Seaport. She has gained experience through Bar Tartine, Roberta’s Pizza, Spotted Pig, Five Leaves and Brooklyn Fare.

About Alice Griffifths
Alice Griffiths is a freelance writer and editor who loves to bake for friends and family. Her favorites include strawberry-rhubarb pie, apple pie, and a variety of cookies, muffins and cakes. She has lived in Cobble Hill since 1996 and has been a member of the Local Roots CSA since 2011