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Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Before we can enjoy one of the greatest feasts of the year which is Thanksgiving, there’s lots of prep work to be done. From grocery shopping to orchestrating your kitchen for cooking all the dishes; don’t worry, we got you covered!

If you ordered your ingredients through our Thanksgiving Pop Up, then half your work is already done. CONGRATS! If you haven’t yet, be sure to place your order by Nov 6 so our farmers and small food producers can plan accordingly. We’ll be sending all our Thanksgiving customers tips on how to roast a turkey and here are a few other ways to help make your holiday feast a (easy) success.

Dance, cook, and dine
Get a nice playlist going in the kitchen or during dinner. Here are some nice tunes put together by our former Local Roots members and friends Daily Nightly. We’ll be sending out an additional playlist to all our Thanksgiving Pop Up orders to add to your holiday ambiance.

Get boozy
Be creative and fun with your cocktail menu! You’ve already bought our special caramel apple butter or maybe you ordered more than $140 through our Thanksgiving Pop Up and you’ll receive a complimentary one-time run Local Roots NYC blackberry jam. Slather that jam on your turkey sandwich and use it for a cocktail using a recipe below!
Blackberry Gin Cocktail
Apple Butter Old Fashioned

A Plant Based Thanksgiving
You can find easy ways to accommodate your guests’ food preferences to make everyone happy. Prep these early and just reheat in the oven day of.
Here’s a few ideas that use ingredients featured in our Thanksgiving Vegetables option. 
Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy
Sweet Potatoes Anna With Prunes 
(photographed above)
Grilled Brussels Sprouts
Plus other veggie sides that aren’t boring

Keep the kids happy and busy
Have these little helpers assist in the kitchen by making Thanksgiving themed desserts  or hand them a Local Roots food themed coloring page which comes complimentary with any order for our pop up.

It’s all about the leftovers
Get excited about all the tasty leftover dishes you can make! Freeze your turkey and other sides so you can still enjoy it past the holiday month, ask your guests to bring tupperware for leftovers, and be sure to keep turkey/chicken bones to make a soup!
See these recipes for leftover ideas.

Don’t stress
This is a joyous occasion to bring friends and family around a dinner table and everyone will be grateful to spend time together. Plan ahead, organize the timeline of cooking all your dishes, and soak in the beauty of a bustling kitchen with your loved ones around. Feel free to contact us with any other cooking questions!