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Thanksgiving Cooking Tips!

Keep Calm and cook Thanksgiving dinner the Local Roots way!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we wanted to provide some tips to alleviate any potential stress. Especially if you’re hosting and/or cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, we know how much pressure it can be to be a world class host. This great American meal is a huge milestone for a cook, but it also can be a moment of some anxiety and nerves. Hopefully, we can provide some easy to follow, actionable cooking tips you may or may not be aware of.

For the creamiest/fluffiest mashed potatoes:

Add potatoes to a pot and cover them with heavy cream. The results are super creamy, rich, and unlike any mashed potatoes you’ve had. To make them fluffy, add a pinch of baking powder to the mix and enjoy!

For a golden turkey color:

Julia Child would wrap her turkey in a buttery cheesecloth while roasting her prized bird for an added deep golden color.

 Gravy time:

If you don’t own a fat separator and want to separate the delicious juices from your turkey in your gravy but don’t want the fat, transfer your pan drippings to a measuring cup with a few ice cubes. The fat will then stick to the ice, fish these ice cubes out and enjoy your gravy fat free. If your gravy is lumpy, smooth it out in the food processor.

Reinvent your pumpkin pie or deserts in general:

Sometimes for whatever reason, your pie turns into a soupy mess that doesn’t hang together. But don’t dump it, as long as you aren’t dealing with uncooked egg, you can give the filling a new life by spooning it over ice cream or, even better, serving elegant parfaits. Layer by layer you can serve a deconstructed pie or concoction of your choosing.

What to make ahead of time:

From the NYTimes cooking section – They state most stuffing’s and dressings can be assembled in advance. If your stuffing is moist enough, it can even be cooked in advance and reheated like any other casserole without compromising flavor. Cover tightly when reheating, and add tablespoons of stock as needed to keep the dish soft and fragrant. You can make traditional cranberry sauce up to a week ahead. Cover it well and store it in the fridge.

Don’t waste food!:

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days for food waste in our country. The EPA estimates that 35% of turkey alone (204 million pounds) is discarded after Thanksgiving holiday. To help combat this issue, Personal Creations has put together an easy-to-use Thanksgiving Food Planning Calculator that helps not only with reducing food waste and meal cost, but also alleviates stress leading up to the big day. Check it out!

Hope you’re Thanksgiving will be one for the books! Enjoy turkey day and hope our tips provide some added aid with your Thanksgiving prep.

Contributed by: Jennifer Weinstein