From Soil to City

How Sweet Corn Grows

In our last newsletter, we briefly discussed food transparency issues that concern us. Many food labels are misused because there aren’t guidelines that are enforced. It’s the reason we encourage you to have a strong connection with your farmer by asking us questions at our weekly markets, joining us on a farm trip, attending our events, or looking at photos of our farms on our instagram.

Growing organically is so much more than a label – it’s a way of farm life. It means creating a healthy and natural ecosystem on a farm and paying close attention to every single detail from seed to harvest. As your connector to good food, sharing that #soiltocity process is our responsibility and it’s what we humbly think makes our markets unique.

Be sure to check out this video of how your corn is grown at Roxbury Farm and get excited for this summer’s harvest of sweet, sweet sweeeet corn.

Know how your food is grown. Be more connected to the soil and people that nurture your food. See you this summer at our markets.