From Soil to City

Say Hi to the Local Roots Farm Share

From our founder, Wen-Jay:

Local Roots NYC is 6 years old – that’s sort of like being a young adult in business years. We’re exploring who we are, embracing our uniqueness, and are growing into ourselves. Which is why we’re ready for a new name for our markets.

We want to introduce you to the Local Roots Farm Share and say a farewell to the Local Roots CSA.

I started Local Roots NYC because I was in love with the CSA model; I craved community and a connection to other like-minded people in NYC and picking up fresh produce side by side with fellow New Yorkers was the perfect way to create that lifestyle. I found obstacles to the traditional CSA were primarily supporting vegetable farms and lengthy financial/time commitments for members. Why not support all types of farms regardless of the product they grew? I knew how important it was to show my support to a small farm by committing to a season, but was there flexibility in that time commitment? Dare i reimagine this traditional agricultural model called CSA and readjust its structure to better fit the lifestyle of myself and other New Yorkers? Yes. Meet the Local Roots CSA. Oh you’ve already met? Great – let’s get to know each other a little bit more.

Some die hard locavores might not consider us a CSA because we offer 3 month seasons and a variety of product offerings, but we adopted the terminology of CSA since we are rooted in supporting small farms through community efforts. However, like most young adults, we’re ready to go off and be our own, unique individual. We view ourselves as our own food system, different than other offerings out there. We’re a little alternative, but approachable – outgoing and social, while also good listeners and trustworthy. When you get food through Local Roots NYC, the experience is fun, educational, and will bring you amazingly delicious foods that you’ll feel personally connected to.

As we listen carefully to your feedback and allow our intuition in agriculture and cultural-spirit lead us to our next stage of life, we hold onto the values of a CSA while modernizing our efforts as food and social connectors. Until we find the perfect, poetic noun that we think best describes the philosophies and energy that defines our markets, we’ll be using a transitionary name of Local Roots Farm Share.

Though we’re maturing, we’re still a small business doing everything ourselves, figuring it out each and every day. We don’t have marketing or branding specialists on our team – so please excuse any inconsistites you might find on our website or outreach materials as we transition names. And hey – if you’re looking for part time work and have experience with marketing and multimedia storytelling, contact WenJay@LocalRoots.NYC for more details, cause we’re seeking another addition to our staff!

Stay tuned for updates and new ways you can stay engaged with our markets and events and please update our contact email to INFO@LocalRoots.NYC 🙂