From Soil to City

Ronnybrook Farm is a 3rd generation family dairy farm in upstate NY that has been practicing beyond organic farming methods long before the word “organic” became a household name. Unlike most commercial dairy farms, Ronnybrook doesn’t use any pesticides in their fields, they only use manure as their fertilizer, and they use cropping techniques that promote healthy soil. Their cow’s diet is a healthy, natural one. They strive every day to make sure yours is too. Ronnybrook Profile Photo Meet some of the crew behind the farm in an intimate screening of The Big Table, a 30 minute documentary about Ronnybrook Dairy and discover some hardships but amazing rewards of owning a dairy farm. We will have a short Q&A with a Ronnybrook rep after the screening, followed by a milkshake social courtesy of Ronnybrook Dairy – drinks are on the house!

Where: Fulton Stall Market, 207A Front Street at the South Street Seaport. Corner of Front and Beekman Street
When: Thursday, July 30th from 6 – 8pm
Tickets: $5 found here