From Soil to City

Our Values

What Makes Us Unique

Local Roots NYC Markets are a vibrant meeting place every week that pops up in neighborhood bars, cafes, or your place of work. You build a strong relationship to your farmer and chat with neighbors and ask our staff about cooking tips.

We think meal-kits can be fun to get you introduced to cooking and online grocery shopping is convenient, but here’s a couple things that make us different.

– No unnecessary packaging
– No pre-portioned ingredients so you can cook beyond a specific recipe
– Quick commute from farm to you vs. sitting in storage for days
– Food transparency with seasonal farm visits
– Extensive research on our producers so you can trust our food meets standards of sustainability that are beyond just a confusing label.

Local Roots NYC is a small, mission-driven business here to serve our fellow New Yorkers and regional growers. Below are some values we hold close to our hearts and are committed to providing you.

Your food is fresh. Harvested the day before and brought from a local farm directly to you, it does not sit in storage for days which can be the case for many super markets and online grocery stores. That means it’s packed with flavor and super fresh. We also taste test our farmers’ produce before we commit to working with them to ensure they are skilled at producing the most delicious foods for you. Yup, that’s right – not all local food is made the same, and we only work with the best.


Grab a beer or coffee with friends after you pick up your Local Roots foods, and make what used to be an errand into a social event. Or you can select home delivery.

Our farmers utilize sustainable growing practices and are responsible stewards of the land. They are committed to nurturing their soils so it is fertile for years to come. Any food waste is used to feed animals or is composted and put back into the land. We work with producers within a 250 mile radius of NYC, which means we are cutting down on unnecessary gas miles. Your food also has minimal packaging, if any, and we ask you to bring your own reusable bag to pick up your food each week which means minimal plastic. Unlike other companies that create food waste due to over-ordering, our markets are predominantly subscription based through our markets so we only order have as much food as we have customers.

The Local Roots Food System is a virtuous cycle that builds community, and empowers you to cook for yourself using ingredients that you feel excited and proud to use.