From Soil to City


Join us for a night of cooking and enjoying a farm to table dinner!
Local Roots is more than just a CSA, it’s a food family. As fellow home chefs, we are always seeking out inspiration for new ways to use our Local Roots CSA ingredients and our members inspire us every day with the creative dishes they cook. The easiest and most fun way to learn how to cook new dishes is to cook with others so we’ve started a cooking club!

You’re invited to spend the evening with us as we Reimagine Columbus Day. We will celebrate the founding of America not by one person who helped colonize a land that was already inhabited by others, but as a country made up of a multitude of ethnicities that continue to add beautiful layers of identity to the United States.

Join us and your fellow home chefs as we skill share and show each other how to prepare favorite dishes. Though not strictly enforced, we are encouraging participants to bring dish ideas that represent diverse culinary cultures – whether it’s your own or another food culture you love.  We’ll close the evening enjoying our beautiful farm to table dinner together. 

The first installment of our cooking club will be on Wednesday, October 12 from 6-8 pm. Tickets are open to CSA and non-CSA members and only 8 tickets will be sold. Sales end this Friday, so find details and reserve your spot here!