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The Local Roots CSA: Words of Love From Our Members

“The Local Roots CSA has totally changed my life! I spend so much less time in the supermarket wandering the aisle, I plan my meals better and overall spend so much less money.”
– L. Regan, Ridgewood CSA Member

“I appreciate what you do. The sunflower sprouts are insane!I’ve researched them and not only are they fantastically delicious, they supply a load of nutrients. Thanks for introducing me to a new food!”
– P. Quartuccio, South Street Seaport CSA Member

“I don’t say thank you enough to you or the gang. The Local Roots CSA is one of the highlights of my week! If i had one word to describe the Local Roots CSA it would be ‘Pukka’ which means first class or great in the UK’.”
– P. George, Boerum Hill CSA Member

“Because of you guys my child eats vegetables now! He actually asks for vegetables! It’s great – the rest of my family can’t believe it!”
-Local Roots CSA Member at NYULMC

“The strawberries we got in the summer were the best and juiciest I have ever had, did not know they could be so good!”
-Local Roots CSA Member at NYULMC Alexandria Center

“I wanted to give you feedback about the newsletter – FANTASTIC! You are so smart to break up the CSA into shorter mini seasons. Brilliant. I love too how the add ons work” – L. Anglin, NYULMC CSA Member

Local Roots CSA Member Testimonial

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