From Soil to City

Now Offering Meyers Bageri Bread

Local Roots Founder, Wen-Jay, and Meyers Bageri Head Baker, Jacques, outside of the Meyers Bageri bakery.

Local Roots NYC is incredibly honored to offer our Farm Share members bread from Meyers Bageri, an artisanal bakery rooted in old world techniques, with a strong focus on organic and locally grown heirloom grains. We are avid fans of Meyers Bageri and founder Claus Meyer’s dedication to localized food systems, high quality ingredients, and innovative culinary philosophies. Meyer is the cofounder of Noma which has redefined Nordic cuisine and was named The World’s Best Restaurant. Meyer believes that “top chefs and basically all sorts of people have to reconnect with the land. We have to cook in a way that makes sense here and now…If we don’t, then the farmers will be at the hands of Monsanto and big fast-food chains.”

Meyers Bageri has partnered with North American farmers in New York, Connecticut, and Maine to grow Nordic heirloom grains, harvested specifically for their signature breads. We have a deep appreciation for his dedication to support and cultivate regional foods, a mantra we also hold true at Local Roots NYC.

The Local Roots staff took a tour of Bageri to see observe the baking process and our founder Wen-Jay recently participated in their bread making class; suffice to say, we are excited to connect you with this amazing product! Through our bread share, Local Roots members will have an opportunity to enjoy Meyers’ Rye and Oland breads. Their rye bread is made from 100% wholegrain rye flour and raised with sourdough.

We must give the bakery a few days notice to prepare for their production, so any new orders won’t be available for pick up next week, but you won’t want to miss out on our next batch of Meyers bread so be sure to order a bread share on our website, today!

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