From Soil to City

This week, we’re excited to feature Blooming Hill, the beautiful farm that grows our Tuesday vegetables. Blooming Hill Farm is a small farm located in New York’s Hudson Valley and is family owned and operated. Travis told us a little more about working in the family business and the importance of bringing awareness to consumers around the food their eating and the process of it’s production.

Travis has been working in the family business for his entire life and he is grateful to have loyal family as his coworkers. They know they can count on one another and are all committed to the success of the business. The family at Blooming Hill is excited to work with Local Roots NYC because it helps tackle one of the major challenges – minimizing time doing non-farming activities such as selling at markets. With Local Roots NYC managing logistics of organizing distribution to our members, Blooming Hill can focus on spending time growing in the field.

Travis attended our conference The Good Festival in May and told us that he and his family are always glad to help educate consumers on where and how their food is produced. Many people are detached from the basic functions that sustain them including how the growing season works, when, where, and how vegetables can be grown etc., says Travis. At our conference, he also spoke about how the challenges of keeping small scale farming viable versus the economic and technological incentives towards consolidation and larger scale farming. Circa 1950, the valley where Blooming Hill Farm is located had dozens of small farms but in 2011 it was down to just three. In 2014, there was just one other small farm in the valley besides He views events like The Good Festival and being connected to NYC consumers as a great ways to get people interested and informed about where their food comes from.

Visit Blooming Hill Farm here to find out more about their farming practices and events and see photos of their farm on our flickr.