From Soil to City

Meet our Local Roots member, Brian!


What’s your favorite thing about getting your food through Local Roots?

the sheer volume.  I shop at the local farmer’s markets but nothing pushes your culinary creativity like a giant bag of capa cabbage or a week’s worth of broccoli rabe.
What are examples of tricks to make cooking at home easier, what are ways you meal prep for the week?

Lots of small, reusable storage containers and a salad spinner.  I review the week’s haul, do some mental meal planning and then try to prep as much as I can at one time.
What was one of your favorite items you’ve received through local roots?

This week I picked up a half a pound of thumb-sized okra , perfect for pickling in Cajun spice. I use the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. They turned out so well the first time that I gave jars of it as gifts last Christmas, along with a packet of pre-measured ingredients and the recipe in an empty Mason jar. (disclaimer: I used to work for Chris Kimball & Co. when I lived in Boston)
How long have you been a member and how did you hear about us?

I’m a recent member, signing up over the summer at a Local Roots info session (and rooftop picnic) here at Etsy.
What do you do for a living?

I’m an Engineering Manager for Etsy, where I just participated in the Local Roots Pickling Party
Advice for potential members?

An easy way to get used to preparing lots of seasonal produce is to pick up a book that focuses on what’s available in your area and emphasizes rotating ingredients through multiple meals. I’ve been cooking my way through “A New Way to DInner” with backup from Cooking from the New York Times . Also, getting a guide to canning and preserving, if you aren’t already familiar with the basic techniques.

Easy go to dishes?

Salads and smoothies.  Both great ways to get multiple servings of fruits & vegetables.

Interview by: Jennifer Weinsten