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Orders placed by March 1, 9am will be available for pick up the week of March 7.

The Local Roots NYC has connected over thousands of New York City households with local, sustainably grown produce and small batch foods. Hear what makes our markets the best in NYC with member testimonials.

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local cheese board with all the fixings

Mouth watering chocolatey treats
Made With Love

Growing: All Natural

Growing: Organic

Growing: Integrated Pest Management

Growing: Pasture Raised, No Antibiotics or Hormones

Growing: Organic

Growing: All Natural, No Nitrate

Growing: All Natural

Gluten Free Bread

Growing: Kosher Certified

Growing: Organic

Growing: All Natural, WIld

Growing: No Antibiotics, No Hormones

Growing: All natural, Small Batch

Growing: HandMade

Growing: Organic

Growing: Organic

Produced: Small Batch, Fair Trade

Growing: Free Range, Pasture Raised

Growing: All Natural, No Artificial Flavoring

Growing: Antiobotic and Hormone Free

Growing: Supporting Small Farms

Growing: Organic

Growing: Organic

Growing: Organic

Drawn By: Brooklyn Artist

Made in America

BK Industries Design

Local Roots NYC T Shirt

Farm Cards
Recycled Paper

Made: In house

Farmer Share - Zero Food Waste Project

Growing: Organic

Veggie Seducer