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Foods to Nourish Your Yoga Practice

Eating the right types of food is as important as the deep breaths you take while practicing yoga. Selecting specific foods pre and post yoga may enhance the effects and make your body and mind feel amazing!

If practicing Ashtanga or Power Yoga, you’ll break a sweat from the quick movements and intense practice. Remember to bring your water bottle to restore any lost fluid and/or electrolytes with plain water or homemade electrolyte water. You may burn more calories during this type of yoga than the other types of yoga but the bottom line is the same – NUTRIENT DENSITY.

We’re lucky in the North East to have a wide variety of dark leafy greens that grow in abundance on local farms, such as kale and collard greens. Dark leafy greens, berries, melon, whole grains (we prefer ancient grains) like quinoa, spelt, rye and emmer, paired with lean protein will give you energy and strength. You can be flexible with the green depending on what’s available; more important than finding a specific green that fits into a recipe is selecting based on seasonality. A veggie that’s in season from a local farm will spend less time from field to fork, which means it’ll be fresher and packed with more nutrients. When fruits and veggies are harvested, they begin a process called respiration. The stored organic material such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats begin to break down and therefore lose food value, flavor, and nutrients. Pick up your local veggies from a Local Roots market or swing by your farmers market and try one of the recipes below.

Kale and Mushroom “Risotto”
Baby Kale and Steak Salad

How to make homemade electrolyte water
Use a 1:3 ratio of any citrus juice to drinking water. Add ½ tsp sea salt and 5 tsp local honey, maple syrup, agave or any other natural sweetener. Add any fresh local fruit and/or sliced citrus fruits to the water mixture. If you are opting for berries, gently mash them before adding. Keep the beverage in the fridge. Fall seasonal fruit that can be considered for your electrolyte water could be Fall raspberries or blackberries