From Soil to City

Five Reasons to Join a CSA

1.  Eating Healthier

By having high quality produce in your home each week, member are encouraged to eat healthier.  Generally, supermarket purchased produce has been sitting in a truck traveling across the country to get to New York City, loosing nutrients and flavor in the process.  Produce in our CSA is locally grown and picked that morning or the day before, retaining nutrients and packed with flavor.

2.  Supporting a Local Farm

Being in a CSA is good for the environment and good for the farmer: you reduce the number of miles your food travels from farm to plate, and support small farmers who grow food in ways that take care of the soil.

In supporting local farms, you’re also helping preserve farmland.  In the United States, 1 million acres of farmland are lost each year to developments such as housing subdivisions.  In just five years, the amount of farmland demolished will equate to the size of Vermont.  Three of the top 20 most threatened farming regions in the United States are in the New York State area:

#10: Syracuse – Buffalo Region
#11: Hudson Valley
# 19: Eastern Long Island – Suffolk County

3.  Know Your Farmer

Food is the one of the building blocks of life, so why not know what you’re eating?  Knowing the story behind the food you eat happens naturally within our CSA; to know your farmer is to know your food.  You’ll know their names and what’s happening on their farmland, and you’ll be invited to visit the farm and meet them.  If you can’t make the trip, we get you there through photos, stories, newsletters, and events.

4.  Education

Each week, we offer information about the produce and recipes at the CSA distribution.  We also send out a newsletter to members with information about events on the farm, nutritional information, and fun facts about the produce.  With each share, you’ll learn about seasonality and unique varieties of produce (have you tried garlic pearls or quince or sword leaf lettuce?).  Our CSA and the information we provide make unknown produce more of a commonality.

5.  Community

CSA gathers a community of like-minded people in your neighborhood in one place.  Being a member of Local Roots NYC CSA also brings you closer to your own people: New Yorkers who love to eat and geek out over new cooking techniques, brew their own beer or want to start home brewing, have friends over for dinner, think spending the day on a farm is fun, and love to swap recipes. Get to know your fellow home chefs at our Local Roots CSA pick up site, posting your photos on our instagram (@localrootsnyc) or coming to one of our parties.

There are also all the other reasons to buy local. When you join a CSA or shop locally at the farmers market, you become part of a local community that goes beyond the food. You are supporting farmers and small businesses, as well as helping to protect our environment. See how our CSA members have affected the community around them by supporting local in our infographic.

local roots nyc vegetable infographic