From Soil to City

City Growers just had their first ever conference and next week is Green Thumb’s annual conference. There are tons of affordable workshops coming up for anyone interested in getting more involved in farming, backyard growing, and local food. Here’s a couple of events we’re excited about.

Free workshops for gardeners via Green Thumb
March 9 – Vertical Gardening
March 19 – 32nd annual Conference
Details found on their website.

Free workshops for beginning farmers at Stone Barns
March 17 – Soil 101
This course provides a brief introduction to the role of soil in the function of ecosystems
March 24 – Propagation
This active workshop will explore a range of crops, timing and techniques for advanced practice on the diversified farm.
More workshops found here.

March 30 – Planning an Urban Vegetable Garden
It’s the end of March and it’s time to get your plans together for your spring garden going! Head Farmer Ben will take you through all of the early decisions to make, so you’ll have all of your ducks in a row as the days start getting longer and warmer.
More info on their website

April 8 – 9 – Food and Enterprise Summit
Join other local food activists, investors, and food producers in examining the local food system through finance and a smarter economy
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May 15th – Local Roots NYC 5th annual Good Festival: a mini conference
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