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Farmer Spotlight: Ronnybrook Dairy

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For three years now, we’ve carried Ronnybrook Dairy milk in our milk share, and it’s easy to see why: they’re dedicated to generations-old farming traditions that they themselves call “hopelessly out of date.” Ronnybrook Dairy was started in Ancramdale, NY in 1941 by the Osofsky family, and was named after their eldest son, Ronny. Today, their extended family of kids and cows continue to work these same lovely Hudson Valley pastures.

What does organic dairy farming look like? Ronnybrook has never used pesticides on the crops that cows eat; they only administer vet-recommended medicines when cows get sick; cows get access to pasture every day; and a small herd of cows is housed in comfortable stalls at night. With each gallon of milk, you’re tasting “beyond organic” methods of small batch dairy production, delivered at peak freshness.

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For more photos of Ronnybrook Dairy, see our flickr page.