From Soil to City

Stumptown Coffee

Growing: Stumptown works directly with small coffee bean farmers in Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa who practice traditional growing processes.  All of their coffees are GMO-free.  Most of their coffee is composed of Heirloom varietals cultivated by families for generations.
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn

After years of working in cafes, bars and roasteries around the Pacific Northwest, Duane Sorenson he wanted to open a cafe where quality reigned, beans were meticulously sourced and intentionally roasted, and then carefully brewed to bring out the life and unique flavor profile of each coffee. He worked two jobs to fund the space and finally in 1999, Duane Sorenson opened Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Southeast Division; the name a nod to this beloved city’s historic logging legacy. Ten years later, the roastery in Red Hook was built.  Stumptown takes raw, green coffee and “eases it into the final state as a bean” by taking a steady, gentle approach to roasting.

In 2006, Sorenson has also founded a non-profit organization which provides cargo bicycles for the cooperative coffee growers. The goal is to improve the quality of life in these communities through a bike workshop and maintenance program that provides transportation resources for basic needs and enhances production of quality coffee