From Soil to City

Especially Puglia

Growing: Sustainable, Traditional Pressing, Single Source Oils
Location: Puglia, Italy to NYC

Especially Puglia is freshly harvested and your oil is from a single tree. You’ll receive their olive oil just 1 month from harvest, whereas 80% of big brand olive oil in stores sits there for years, and are sometimes blended with vegetable oil or with olive oils from different countries. Because this oil is so fresh, it’s more rich in antioxidants and nutrition than olive oils from bigger brands. They also pay their farmers 10-15% more than the big brands.

Especially Puglia works directly with small producers in the northern part of the region. By participating in our programs and enjoying our products, you’re directly supporting family-run farms and independent artisans. Three liters of single-harvest extra virgin olive oil from a single grove is bottled in ceramic handcrafted by Pugilese artisans.

Twitter: @EspPuglia
Instagram: especiallypuglia