From Soil to City

Dailola Granola

Growing: Seasonal, Small Batch
Location: Brooklyn, NY

“Like many things in life, it just started with something I love to do. I love to cook and have always dabbled with new recipes in the kitchen. If I could have my way, I would live in an industrial kitchen just so that I could tinker and experiment with new flavors. One day I felt the urge to make granola because I just wasn’t satisfied with any granola out there. I began baking granola for myself and started giving it as Christmas gifts to my Blue Ribbon colleagues. The granola was a big hit, and the Blue Ribbon Market began selling it. Soon after it started being sold at the Market, I was named in New York Magazine Best of 2014 issue for The Best Granola in collaboration with Blue Ribbon! It motivated me to start Dailola Granola where all the recipes are inspired by Dailo and Lola!”

Twitter: @dailolabklyn
Instagram: missgal