From Soil to City

Arcadian Pastures

Growing: No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Herbicides or Pesticides
Location: Sloansville, NY

Born and raised in Liege, Belgium, Laurent first came to the USA at the age of 15 as an exchange student and eventually met his wife, Debi, a NY native. Laurent eventually worked as an apprentice with a custom carpenter for a year and then moved on to build his own successful construction & contracting business. In May of 2003, Debi found a lump under her right arm and in June, at the age of 32, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They began their research on the food supply in our country where they found the undeniable link to the use of hormones, antibiotic use, pesticides and herbicides in our foods to cancer.

Then and there, they decided that they would finally take the risk to follow their dream of some day having a farm. They knew that if they wanted to continue to eat meat, they would only eat what they raised themselves.

Arcadian Pastures is a small family-run heritage breed farm; the animals are raised in an open and natural stress-free environment. They never use any antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or herbicides on their farm. Laurent and Debi believe that animals raised outdoors on high quality pasture, and treated with respect, produce the most nutritionally-dense and best tasting meats.

Twitter: @arcadianpasture
Instagram: thearcadianwild