From Soil to City

Does Farm Fresh Mean Anything?

Nowadays, you see the words “Farm-Fresh” everywhere and it’s hard to know what it actually means beyond marketing hype. Unfortunately, that term along with “natural”doesn’t have real guidelines. It makes us sad that a food system which connects eaters directly with trustworthy, local farmers has been so manipulated by some companies. We recently saw an ad stating their online grocery service works with farmers to bring you fresh food. This messaging concerns us because, doesn’t all produce come from a farm? So what kind of farm is this company referring to? How do you know if your food is truly grown locally with sustainable methods, and it’s not just part of an advertising strategy?

We do a heck of a lot of research and work to make sure our network of farms grow healthy and nutritious foods, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the ads that bombard your inbox that might or might not be misleading. We visit our farms regularly, invite you to come dig your hands in the dirt yourself, show you the farm process on ourinstagram, and present other ways to make you feel more connected to a trustworthy food system.

Whether you’re picking up your weekly food at a Local Roots NYC location, farmers market, or grocery store, we encourage you to use a critical eye when making your food choices. Define what “farm-fresh” means to you and draft up a list of priorities for your food choices. Or you could let us do all that work for you, so all you have to do is go to your neighborhood bar or place of work, and pick up your food each week.