From Soil to City

Corkscrew Wines

Corkscrew Wines is a boutique wine shop based in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill . It was founded by Karin Torres, a wine expert who keeps every aspect of the products she sells to a high standard, from production to taste. Torres works to keep wines produced by big businesses out of her store and support small family- run operations by sourcing most of her wines from women or family owned wineries. She talks more about this and other ideas in her answers to my questions. This is Corkscrew’s second year with LRNYC.

Corkscrew Wines is located at 489 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn and is the Clinton Hill host pick up site for LRNYC on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm. Pick up a bottle or two of unique and responsibly sourced wine to compliment your CSA items.

LRNYC: Why did you decide to open Corkscrew Wines and how did you first get involved with wine selling?
KT: Always loved wine and have since childhood. It was a natural part of the table and dining. After 15 years in fashion retail I switched here and started a small boutique. Corkscrew is my second store.

What do you love about your business and what is the best part about being the boss?
I love the product, how a wine touches peoples lives. I love helping the customers find their favorite bottle and try something new. Being the boss is an honor; you must set an example with your work ethic, how you treat people and motivate others.

What do you love about the neighborhood and community in the area around Corkscrew?
Clinton Hill is a rapidly changing area, from the dangerous drugfilled streets of the 70s to the current rejuvenation, and its filled with intelligent, artistic, talented individuals that make some of the most interesting neighbors in Brooklyn.

How did you find out about Local Roots NYC?
My manager did some research – we knew we wanted to do a CSA.

Why did you want a CSA at Corkscrew and why did you choose to partner with Local Roots NYC?
Many of our wines are produced with the ‘vineyard to table’ approach. Wine is meant to be drunk with dinner, so it only seemed logical that we offered out customer a natural, organic healthy way of shopping for food too! Local Roots had the most organized business model.

What is one of your favorite wines that you sell?
I love them all!

Why is local and sustainably sourced food important to you?
I want to keep the middle man (and corporate food developers) out of my kitchen as much as possible. Having grown up on a farm I understand what good fresh food is and what important work the farmers are doing. This is what I feed not only myself but also my baby.

You source most of your wine from wineries that are women or family owned. Why is that important to you?
Again, I want the focus and profits to go to the families that literally break their backs to make these wines. By focusing on the individual you can keep them in business and divert money from the pocket of Moet Chandon’s next corporate sponsorship.

Post written by Sarah Palatnik