From Soil to City


One reason Local Roots NYC was founded back in 2011 was to create more jobs in the local food system. At the time, opportunities and experienced were limited. Though we offer an apprenticeship program and are a growing team, we’re unable to employ all the amazing people we meet along the way. Similarly, we work with a great deal of producers looking for additional help. It seemed natural to create a space for local food advocates to find each other. So if you’re looking for a job, your next best employee, or a crush, send us an email to and we’ll post it in our classifieds!

Name: Mallory Ketterer
Why do I love local food: Local food is rich in tradition, stories, and real people that are present on every plate of food we consume. Local agriculture creates a stronger community and an awareness that binds farmer and consumer with a common thread, food.
What are you looking for in a Job: Looking for a part/full time work in design, illustration, teaching, and agriculture
Skills: Illustrator, book designer, art educator, shepherdess, and vegetable farmer