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Wild Alaskan Salmon – Now taking orders

Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon have the highest Omega 3 oil content out of the five Pacific salmon species, which make this fish an essential healthy food to fight heart disease. Its beautiful color is due to its diet, consuming only microorganisms,


The summer season of your Local Roots CSA is in full swing but there’s still time to sign up to receive fresh, local produce from farmers you trust! Find information on how to sign up or add shares in this week’s


It’s the first week of the summer season for our CSA! You can find the first soil to city newsletter here. A preview of what you’ll find: -Tips for making the most of your CSA membership. -Storage tips for keeping your

Traveling During the Market Season?

We know that last minute travel adventures or work trips are essential – we’re New Yorkers also – and we wouldn’t want that holding you back from joining the Local Roots Farm Share so we’ll refund you the weeks you’ll be

Reasons To Eat Local: Farm Labor

Good Farm Labor Practices An average farmworker in the U.S earns about $10,000 a year according to the National Farm Worker Ministry while their work enables large retailers to make billions in annual profits. In addition to low wages and

Reasons to Eat Local: Cook More

When your fridge is stocked with great ingredients, you’re more likely to cook than if you go home to an empty fridge and then have to go grocery shopping. By joining a CSA, you pick up your locally grown foods

Reflections on the Impacts of 2015 from Local Roots NYC Founder

Reflections on the Impacts of 2015 from Local Roots NYC Founder, Wen-Jay Ying Spring is a time for transition when we eagerly wait for the new. New Yorkers pack away their puffy jackets as flowers peep out of the dirt, and we almost forget

Staff Spotlight: Aly

Meet Aly Miller, Local Food Movement Artist! Aly Miller started working with Local Roots NYC in the Spring of 2013 as our CSA in the Classrooms Educator. Since then, she has served our members at 7 different CSA sites in

Building your NYC Cheeseboard

By Serena Tang, Local Roots NYC cheese sage Cheese is popular. Cheese is fun. Cheese is delicious. But if you don’t live in Europe and don’t work with cheese, you’re probably daunted by the amount, variety, and hoity-toityness of the

Cooking Playlist: The Most Roast

The Most Roast from LocalRootsNYC on 8tracks Radio. Listen up, boogie down. Here’s some music to listen to as you saute some organic vegetables, drizzle some oil on your salad, roast some locally raised meats and create some new favorite dishes with your