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All About The Mushroom

The American composer John Cage had an equal love for mushrooms as he did for music. In the 1960s, Cage made a living by supplying New York restaurants like the Four Seasons his own foraged mushrooms. His original recipes for “dogsup”,

Now Offering Meyers Bageri Bread

Local Roots NYC is incredibly honored to offer our Farm Share members bread from Meyers Bageri, an artisanal bakery rooted in old world techniques, with a strong focus on organic and locally grown heirloom grains. We are avid fans of

Local Roots NYC Visits Fleisher’s Craft Butchery

Last Friday the Local Roots team visited the production facility of Fleisher’s Craft Butchery in the neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The butchery helps supply the delicious beef, lamb and charcuterie for your shares from the lovely waterfront of Pier

Meet Sfoglini, They Make Really Good Pasta

You’ve probably seen bags of Sfogilini pastas at your Local Roots NYC CSA pick up site or maybe you’ve got a pasta share yourself! A few months ago our director Wen-Jay chatted with Scott Ketchum on her weekly live radio

What are Jerusalem Artichokes?

Here in NYC, there’s a glorious bounty of knobby and wild-looking root vegetables to choose from all winter long. Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes) are one of our favorites. These small, little nuggets are the roots of a species