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Category: Food Justice

What Is Killing the CSA?

In the past five years, we’ve had a revolution in the way we eat. There are more ways to buy food than ever before, all catered to our varying lifestyle and dietary needs. But as our food system changes each

Local Roots NYC Vision For a Healthy Food System

Food can only truly be valued the same way it should be grown; with patience and acknowledgement of the ecosystem that supports it. Let’s grow deeper roots in our community and turn our heads from the current trends of “disruption”

Earth Day: Support Urban Farm Education

On Earth Day, let’s support those that take good care of our land at upstate AND urban farms. With every order over $250 to the Local Roots CSA, $10 will be donated to The Youth Farm, a Brooklyn based farm

What Does Farm to Table Really Mean?

You can read all the Michael Pollan books and watch sexy shots of cooking on tv, but purchasing within a local food system turns “farm to table” from a terminology into experiential education. What do we mean by that? By purchasing

Call For Mandatory GMO Food Labels

A genetically modified organism, or GMO, has been altered by scientists to produce a desirable trait, most commonly used to withstand herbicides. Studies have shown that GMOs are connected with serious environmental damage and potential health problems; the liver and kidney are mostly