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Owners Mag Interview With Local Roots Founder

Owner’s Magazine recently spent the afternoon with us at our Bedstuy market and interviewed our founder Wen-Jay Ying. You can read the full article here. HOW’D YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA FOR LOCAL ROOTS? I wanted to find a

Now Offering Meyers Bageri Bread

Local Roots NYC is incredibly honored to offer our Farm Share members bread from Meyers Bageri, an artisanal bakery rooted in old world techniques, with a strong focus on organic and locally grown heirloom grains. We are avid fans of

Week 3 Soil to City Newsletter

Our fearless leader Wen-Jay is in the Brooklyn episode of Scraps! Tune in this Sunday at 10:30pm. Learn sustainable cooking tips from Sur La Table’s National Chef Joel Gamoran and hear a discussion with Wen-Jay, Katie Couric, and other influencers on how

Tips for your Farm Share

Feel like it’s been awhile? Check out these How To tips to get back in the swing of things!  

Greenhopping – your green food app

We’re looking forward to our Good Fest Conference workshop The Interplay of Food, our Digestion and How We Eat in Living a Healthy Life, which will take a look at balance and taste variety from an ancient and modern perspective,

How Sweet Corn Grows

In our last newsletter, we briefly discussed food transparency issues that concern us. Many food labels are misused because there aren’t guidelines that are enforced. It’s the reason we encourage you to have a strong connection with your farmer by asking us

Food Stripped Naked With Matt Tortora

Matt Tortora served for 10 years in the U.S Navy as a nuclear missile technician and in 2014, he founded a food systems technology and consulting company called What’s Good. This online platform connects institutions like schools and hospitals to

Food Stripped Naked Podcast With Chef Jeffrey Held

Jeffrey Held has spent time with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group as opening chef at Blue Smoke and now plays an integral part in our healthcare system as a culinary expert at NYULangone Medical Center. Find out more about the

Does Farm Fresh Mean Anything?

Nowadays, you see the words “Farm-Fresh” everywhere and it’s hard to know what it actually means beyond marketing hype. Unfortunately, that term along with “natural”doesn’t have real guidelines. It makes us sad that a food system which connects eaters directly with trustworthy,

Say Hi to the Local Roots Farm Share

From our founder, Wen-Jay: Local Roots NYC is 6 years old – that’s sort of like being a young adult in business years. We’re exploring who we are, embracing our uniqueness, and are growing into ourselves. Which is why we’re ready for