From Soil to City

Interview with Wen-Jay Ying, Founder and Program Director, Local Roots NYC

Wen-Jay Ying, Founder and Program Director, Local Roots NYC Wen-Jay Ying is the founder and director of Local Roots NYC which empowers New Yorkers to be home chefs by offering high quality, local and sustainably grown produce through a network of

Winter Foods & How to Stay Healthy

With Fall here and Winter approaching, our produce is changing along with how we eat it. During this time, local produce can be hard to find when cold weather inhibits crop growth. Fall/Winter produce consists of root vegetables like beets,

One Potato, Two Potato, Sweet Potato, Four!

One Potato, Two Potato, Sweet Potato, Four! The countdown is finally over! It’s Holliday Season! But before slipping into your stretchiest pants and salivating over the joy that food brings, it’s time for some cooking therapy. To clear your head

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips!

Keep Calm and cook Thanksgiving dinner the Local Roots way! With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we wanted to provide some tips to alleviate any potential stress. Especially if you’re hosting and/or cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, we know how much pressure it

Jam Making 101

Here at Local Roots we love jam, why? It’s a great way to use up surplus or fruit that’s starting to look a bit sad, preserve fruit from the season, and you can customize and make it your own. You

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Before we can enjoy one of the greatest feasts of the year which is Thanksgiving, there’s lots of prep work to be done. From grocery shopping to orchestrating your kitchen for cooking all the dishes; don’t worry, we got you

Meet our Local Roots member, Brian!

  What’s your favorite thing about getting your food through Local Roots? the sheer volume.  I shop at the local farmer’s markets but nothing pushes your culinary creativity like a giant bag of capa cabbage or a week’s worth of

Wen-Jay´s Quince and Broccoli Rabe cooking tips

Wen-Jay shares some easy cooking tips for Fall produce. “I cook at home frequently and have a hard time following recipes (it’s easier for me to cook using intuition rather than step-by-step directions) so I prefer simple recipes like the ones we

Bee Pollen, the most nutritious food.

You may have heard about Bee Pollen but what exactly is it and what are the powerful benefits this tiny concoction holds? Bee pollen is the pollen ball that has been packed by worker honeybees into pellets. Bees collect pollen

Guest Chef Spotlight: Angel Veza

One of the best parts of working at Local Roots is that we get to work with some pretty amazing chefs. One of our favorite contributing chefs is Angel Veza. We first met Angel at an event hosted by Change