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Bee Pollen, the most nutritious food.

You may have heard about Bee Pollen but what exactly is it and what are the powerful benefits this tiny concoction holds? Bee pollen is the pollen ball that has been packed by worker honeybees into pellets. Bees collect pollen in sacs that are attached to their legs. To harvest the pollen, commercial beekeepers use a thick “comb” in the bottom of the hive, in the slit the bees use as an entrance/exit. It’s stated as the most nutritious food we can eat by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein. But let’s go a little deeper. It’s said to boost energy while reducing stress, can extend lifespan, fights allergies and possibly even cancer by boosting the immune system and relieves digestive disorders. It can help with a glowing complexion, you can even make a mask from it as cited by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder – Mash together a tsp. of bee pollen, a Tbs. of raw honey, a tsp. of coconut milk (or coconut yogurt) and 1 Tbs. of avocado. Spread all over your face and neck and leave on for about 20 minutes. It will leave your skin feeling soft, velvety smooth, and glowing!  As you can see there are many benefits to this tiny pellets and we’re just naming a few.

So how much should you take? Take one to three tablespoons of bee pollen daily and try it in smoothies and shakes, sprinkle on yogurt or applesauce or ground into granola. Bee pollen is the most effective when eating foods grown in the same region; even more reason to get your Local Roots NYC veggies since these bees live in the same fields as our vegetable farm. It’s also best to purchase your bee pollen from a local, organic source which is great if you are or considering becoming a Local Roots NYC member! You can purchase (here). Experts say to skip pollen if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or if you’re allergic to pollen or bees. Hope you try it out yourself; feel free to share with us how you’re using it and the benefits you have seen. Enjoy!


– Article contributed by Jennifer Weinstein